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Advisory Resources Group, Inc. (ARG) is a full service business consulting, business brokerage, marketing and software solutions firm built on foundations of integrity and trust. ARG offers a range of consultation services to assist small and medium size businesses, and business owners, irrespective of industry type, to optimize business operations and maximize returns on investment. The major services offered include:

  1. Continuous business improvement programs to implement solutions to business constraints and maximize business profitability.

  2. Provides business brokerage services which include preparation of business for sale, preparation of offering memorandums and place business on the market for sale.

  3. Business processes and systems design with the required level of automation to optimize efficiency.

  4. Compatible software and automation solutions designed specifically to meet business needs.

  5. New business conceptual development to roll out.

  6.  Develop and implement sales organization and sales plan with supporting strategies and marketing programs.

  7. Transitioning successful businesses for growth or to move to the next level.

  8. Improve underperforming businesses to maximize performance and profitability.

  9. Speedily turn around unprofitable business operations into profitable operations.

  10. Provide business owners with the means to successfully exit the business with the expected financial returns at the desired point.


The mode of a conventional business consulting organization is to treat consultation as an isolated one time transactional events.  ARG’s mode of operation is to provide long term support through establishment of solid business relationships with schedule periodic business reviews and performance audits.

Wayne Robinson
Founder and Principal

The principal consultant’s skills were honed through more than three decades of executive management, entrepreneurial, business ownership and consulting experience. Academic achievements included a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering. Consulting and general management skills were developed through a vast array of industry and business experiences. The principal is very proficient in the three major functional business areas, sales/marketing, operations and administration/finance.  He is adept with change management and behavioral modification along with exceptional communication and motivational skills that transcend regional, cultural and ethnic boundaries. Success is driven through the ability to resolve difficult issues and work through or around difficult personalities. Critical skills include the ability to diffuse resistance to change and achieve results through a process of engagement and intervention, to obtain buy in from stakeholders (owners, management & line employees). Participation and involvement is harnessed at every level of the organization. He has made presentations, conducted training seminars and contributed writings to various business and industry publications in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Advisory Resources Group, Inc (ARG) is committed to offer business services that provide solutions to businesses through a focus on goals with defined and measurable results. Each client is viewed as a lifelong relationship, thereby ensuring long term support to achieve continuity of results. ARG strives to provide employees with a satisfying work environment for growth and development and is committed to make meaningful contributions to the development of communities served.