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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for a consultant to have industry specific experience to be effective?

The effectiveness of consultation is not necessarily tied to mastery of any particular industry or business sector. Consultation service focuses on the business of the business, systems, processes, controls, work methods, defined communication paths and achievement of behavioral modification for long term success.

What geographic areas do you serve?

Clients previously served are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Are programs pre - designed and used to fit every business?

Programs are not cookie cutter “one size fits all”.  Consulting engagements are designed and customized to focus on every company’s specific requirements based on goals, objectives and constraint.

How long does it take to complete a typical job?

No consulting, coaching or mentoring engagement can be regarded as typical. Programs are designed specifically for client’s to develop the capability to achieve goals. The variables which determine the time required to complete an engagement are the annual sales volume, the number of employees, the level of sophistication of the operation in terms of systems, and processes, the trainability of owners and key employees and the commitment of key personnel to process.

Mentoring programs are pre designed with specific timing for programs. Other off site services are typically completed within two – three weeks after data gathering.

How services are charged and what are the rates?

Coaching, mentoring and all services performed off site are billed flat rate fees. Fees are designed for coaching and mentoring programs and fees are quoted on a job basis for other offsite services. Billing is done in advance for coaching and mentoring programs.

Consulting service is charged a competitive hourly rate plus hard costs for travel, accommodation and transportation.  Services are billed weekly or on conclusion of service. Payment is due in full on presentation of invoice.

Other services such as business plan writing, due diligence, offering memorandums, etc. require a retainer of 50% on commencement and the balance is due in full on presentation.

What is the typical turnaround time for offsite services such as business plan writing, offering memorandums, due diligence and loan presentations?

The typical turnaround time is two – three weeks after obtaining all required data and information. Special expedite services can be offered at an additional rate if required.

Can companies with cash constraints afford consultation services?

ARG is committed to find a way to make things work without affecting the business short or medium term viability. Before consulting engagement commences, the consultant must ensure the program fits within the clients’ budget. If required, engagements are scheduled on a phase basis to ensure affordability, minimize short term cash impact and achieve results over an extended period of time. ARG’s billing rates are very competitive compared with companies operating nationally and regionally and the long term relationship provides very high value to sustain long term progress and accomplishments.

How long does it take from initial contact and agreement to program commencement?

Program usually commences immediately or within 7 – 10 business days after initial contact and agreement is executed. However, based on the urgency of the situation, and commitment of the parties, start date can be expedited.

Are Results from the consulting engagement guaranteed?

There is an assurance offered to achieve goals established during the scope development based on satisfying conditions outlined for the assurance. However, on conclusion of the consulting engagement ARG has no control over client’s level of commitment, willingness to follow through, discipline to change behavior and instill organization accountability. These are all uncontrollable variable which ARG has no control over; therefore, it is not realistic to offer a guarantee.

Is support available on conclusion of the consulting engagement and is there any cost associated with support?

ARG offers free telephone support on satisfactory completion of a consultation program. The support is offered for the life of the business during the period of ownership. There is no charge associated with telephone support after completion of a consulting engagement. This is not applicable for coaching or mentoring programs.